Friday, November 22, 2019

New Website is Up and Running!

ANNOUNCING that is now up and Running!

Our video demonstrations are available there, but I will repeat them here:

This is our video explaining what Zwubberbands are and how to use them!

Here is our video explaining how to use them with the song, Day O by Harry Belefonte:

Happy moving, everyone!

Lavonna ZWB

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Let me introduce to you... Zwubber Bands!

I have a BIG announcement to make...

Zellerwear is BACK!!!

I have had an incredible opportunity fall into my lap. One in which I can use my strengths as a music teacher and a fabric artist to the best of my abilities. When teaching music, I always try to teach my students using good, quality materials while equally encouraging them to express themselves with creativity and ingenuity. I believe I have come up with a wonderful way to do just that.

May I introduce to you, Zwubber Bands!

What are Zwubber Bands, you ask?

They are 7 foot long stretch bands that come in rainbow colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, in rainbow order. What makes them unique and different from other stretch bands is that they can be used no only in a circle but in a straight line as well!

Each 7 foot band is closed with a light-weight buckle (which is secretly an extra-strength, crush-resistant buckle). This allows you to increase the size of your stretch band simply by adding on another 7 foot stretch band! You now can go from one class to the next class, adding or removing a band as you need. You can even separate the bands into small groups if need be, quickly and easily during class. It literally takes seconds to add or remove additional bands. Using Zwubber Bands is not only convenient, but easy and cost effective as well. 

Comparable stretch bands may come in different sizes, but are not interchangeable. You would have to purchase each size individually in order to switch sizes. That doesn't sound convenient, easy or cost effective to me, just sayin'.

Where can you get Zwubber Bands of your very own, you ask? They are coming SOON. Our Zellerwear website will be up and running soon, and they will be available at Peripole, on their website and at any Conference they will be attending this year.

If you are interested in knowing more about Zwubber Bands, you can contact me via my Facebook page or email me:

May you have many creative days ahead!

Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi

Owner/Operator, Zellerwear
Creator of Zwubber Bands
Co-Author of "Whokulele? YOUkulele! Ukulele Made Easy"

Check out our new website:

Sunday, September 1, 2019

I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies, but I DO know how to make quilts for them!

I realized tonight that I have not posted my quilts for this year. I have made and completed 3 baby quilts, a retirement quilt and have had a few "in process". All of my quilts are of my own design. It is part of the process that I love so much. So here they are, quilts of 2019:

Image may contain: stripes

Front of a baby quilt for my great nephew born in January, 2019. It was made in the colors of his parents wedding to represent their love coming together to create this beautiful new life.

Image may contain: stripes and indoor

Backing of same quilt.

Quilt finish number 2:
No photo description available.

Finished in May for 2nd grand nephew born in June, 2019. A Block Sampler quilt of my own design for a baby born with the last name, Block.

Then we pop over to the Retirement Quilt!

No photo description available.

When it first began - the first day, shall we say? I had about a week and a half to finish it, so it had to go quickly. The ties, I stole from my boss's office. He never noticed they were gone. I chose all polyester or cotton quilts so the entire quilt could be washable. I like my quilts to be USED. The giant tie in the center is made from quilting cotton in my boss's favorite colors - purple and pink.

Image may contain: indoor

Day 2.

No photo description available.

Completed. For my boss who retired the end of the school year. Delivered June 6th, 2019. He wore a tie every day to school and would gift ties to kids that were exceptional examples of being a good student.

Back to baby quilts...

No photo description available.

This one was completed and gifted in August for a baby due in October. They don't know "what" it will be yet, but will be surprised when it is born. I chose this pattern because I found it bright and cheerful and felt it was not gender specific.

Here it is when the quilting was finished:


And Back.

As I stated before, I also have some others in the works. I am hoping that I can complete some more and post them very soon.

Here is one of them. Quilt top made in same design as the "Block Sampler", just different fabrics.

Image may contain: indoor

Happy quilting!

Lavonna ZWB

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sewing Workshop Projects

Projects for our December Sewing Workshop

We will be having a Workshop on December 19th from 9 - 3. Below are samples of the projects will be working on:

30 Minute Projects

Woven Fabric Stars - 30 minutes

Gift Bags - 30 minutes

Dog Toys - 30 minutes

Chicken Pincushions - 30 minutes - 1 hour

1 Hour + Projects

Triangle Bags - 1 hour - hour 1/2

Charm Bag - 2 hours +

Zippered Pouch - 1 hour

Previous Projects

Tissue Holders and 4-Patch Pincushions - 30 minutes - 1 hour

Each attendee will also be able to make a few felt ornaments. We have plenty of felt reindeer and trees ready for decoration!

Please take time to fill out our Google Form (sent to you in a separate email) to let us know of your choices.

Thank you!

Lavonna ZWB

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Teaching Kids to Sew - Project #11 Jean Zippered Pouch

Teaching Kids to Sew - Project #11 Jean Zippered Pouch

Materials used in this project:
     6" zipper
     2 - 7" square jean fabric
     2 - 7" square lining fabric
     2 1/2" x 6 1/2" fabric for handle

Cut pieces needed according to materials list above.

Place the lining face up, zipper on top face up with the jean fabric face down. Clip them all together. Sew all 3 together.

Fold the fabrics back and top stitch. Do the same thing with the other side.

Fold the "handle" fabric in half lengthwise. Sew together with a 1/4" seam. Turn. Top stitch both sides.

Fold the right sides together. Sew with a 1/4" seam and zigzag edge. Do the same with the other side but add the handle (fold in half lengthwise), Sew and zigzag bottom edge as well.

Fol corner marrying side seam and bottom seam. Draw a line to create a 1 1/2" long team. Sew across line. Do the same on the other side.

Turn right side out.

Just another project that can be made from recycled jeans.

Happy sewing!

Lavonna ZWB

**All of our "Teaching Kids to Sew" projects are designed for beginning sewers to learn during our Sewing Camp to be held at Clackamas Park Friends Church in Milwaukie, Oregon, June 18-22, 2018 for Session 1 and July 30-August 3 for Session 2 from 10-3 daily. For more information, please contact the church at or me, Lavonna via this blog.**

Teaching Kids to Sew - Project #10 Jean Fabric Basket

Teaching Kids to Sew - Project #10 Jean Fabric Basket

Materials needed for this project:

     10" long length of jeans
     Lining fabric the same width of jean leg x 11"
     Optional scrap pieces of jeans and button

Cut 10" of a leg of jeans.

With ruler, square up one side the pant leg to make it even - sew a new seam across that edge. Sew across the bottom edge as well. Zigzag the edges of both seams.

Fold the corner and draw a line across to determine the width of the basket. Sew across the line.

Tack the corner to the center seam. Turn basket right side out.

With right sides together, sew the lining fabric across the bottom and the side.

Fold the corner and draw a line across like you did with the jean fabric. Sew across the line. Tack the corner to the side seam.

Iron the top edge down 1/4".

With wrong sides facing, place lining into the jean fabric. Fold down the lining 1" across the top edge of the jean fabric. Pin in place. Sew or zigzag across the folded edge of lining.

Decorate however desired. We chose to make a flower using jean scraps and sewed a button in the middle.

Have fun!

Lavonna ZWB

**All of our "Teaching Kids to Sew" projects are designed for beginning sewers to learn during our Sewing Camp to be held at Clackamas Park Friends Church in Milwaukie, Oregon, June 18-22, 2018 for Session 1 and July 30-August 3 for Session 2 from 10-3 daily. For more information, please contact the church at or me, Lavonna via this blog.**