Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Final Day of the Blog Hop

Here is the last day of the "It's All About Me" Blog Hop

Thursday, February 28
( our last day of this hop)

Madame Samm ( yep me) 

Blog Hop Day 7

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Blog Hop - My Turn! (and a giveaway)

Today is the day!

It is my turn to share with you my creation for the "It's All About Me" Blog Hop. A BIG Thank You to Marlene and Madame Samm for putting this Blog Hop together and Thank you to Amy Bradley for her wonderful design as an inspiration for us to play with.

When told that we needed to make this pattern our own, I knew exactly the project that I wanted to do. I am a Music Teacher by trade, a Voice Instructor, professional singer/songwriter, performer, recording artist, studio musician, etc. If it is in the music field, I've most likely done it.

Along with my passion for teaching the younger generation about music, I also enjoy helping them to release their creativity by using DRAMA as well. I am the Director/Instructor of a Summer Camp entitled, Magical Fantastical Theatrical Camp (MFT Camp for short). Students learn pantomime, physical comedy, clowning, circus acts, magic tricks, basic theatre techniques, musical theatre and then we wrap up the whole camp with a Thoroughly Amazing Vaudeville Show!

This past Summer, to help inspire my students in the creation of a clown character, I created one of my own.
This is Mama Z.

Mama Z is quite an interesting character. She will say in a very deep, husky voice, "Excuse me, I have something to tell you... I am not feeling well." She will putter around in a wheelchair using her feet as a motor like the Flintstones. The container she is holding is actually her pill bottle. In true "clown character" fashion, her pills can range in size from large smarties to twinkies. Hey, they may not be medicine, but kids sure love it when she shares her "pills" with them!

I have been wanting to make a "purse" for Mama Z since last August and kept the idea in my head as to how I wanted it to look. When this Blog Hop came along, I knew that my purse was going to be it.

The bag is rather large so that I can hold all of the items that Mama Z would need. From handles to base, it measures 26" and is 21" across. The base is 10" by 12". I blew up the pattern to 122% and then altered the neckline, the face shape, designed my own hair (because mine is curly), extended the glasses to make them cateye, and made the pillbox hat.

The quilting was done on the bag with a light lavender thread. Her hair is burgundy and curly like mine, the horn-rimmed glasses are adorned with french knots to look like the rhinestones on the real glasses, I machine zigzagged silver rayon embroidery thread for the lenses, the hat is in animal print to look like the pheasant feather pillbox hat, and the calico is to resemble the flowered dress that Mama Z wears. The necklace is made with pearls and silk ribbon twists, with an earring made of beads, red embroidered lips and black nose and chin.

Here is a view of the inside of the bag. I have lined it with pockets on all sides. One pocket is designed to carry my water bottle when my teenage boys (who have become professional clowns) and I do parades this Summer,  another pocket is for a balloon pump (to make balloon animals) with other pockets completely around the inside to fill with whatever I will need. The main area is big enough for "Mama Z's Pills".

One thing that cracks me up about this likeness is that my arms have NEVER been that thin! I make fun of my own "Granny Arms" and threaten my students by saying if they misbehave, I will then raise my arms and "THWACK" them in the head with my Wobbly Granny Arms. They usually look at me with that look of half horror/half ready to burst out into laughter.

Thank you for visiting!

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Tuesday, February 26

And now for my giveaway - I will send you a gallon sized bag of "cotton scrap pieces" for crazy quilting or crumb piecing. I love piecing with small scraps. One of my latest projects uses scrap diamonds. I will send you some of mine so you can create whatever you desire with them!

To enter my giveaway, please comment below and share what you would create with those cotton scraps.

Thanks again for visiting!

Lavonna ZWB

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Please vote for my quilt!

I need your help!

I have entered a quilt contest featuring Scrappy Hearts. I believe that my quilt which I have named Charmed Hearts fits that description perfectly.

I pieced it together in 2002 using many charm squares that I had exchanged. It is completely hand quilted with thousands of hearts all over in different designs and formations. I completed the hand quilting in December 2011. It is my favorite quilt that have ever made.

I need your help to vote for it.

Use this link:
and cast your vote for Charmed Hearts! Voting lasts from NOW through Monday the 25th at 12:00pm.

Thank you for your help!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Music Geek

So very busy, but not necessarily in the way that I wish I could be.

I would much prefer to play with my fabrics and create something yummy with them, but I will be attending a Music Conference for the next few days. That's ok, I kinda like that stuff too, I just LOVE to play/create with fabric more. I am presenting a Ukulele Class on Saturday. Kind of has potential to be a career altering moment. Gonna have to Knock it Out of da Park! (I think I can manage that). My Ukulele blog is HERE.

So for the next few days, I will be playing the part of the Music Geek. What exactly does that look like? No pocket protector, no taped up glasses, perhaps carrying around music and singing randomly as though I had my own orchestra that would play at my every whim? Ahhh, if life were only like a musical... then I wouldn't get those strange looks from people when I burst in to song for no apparent reason.

Happy day to you! Sing a song today... I bet it will make you smile!

Lavonna ZWB

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get me my cape!

I believe I deserve a Superhero cape. The past few days I have managed to perform Mom miracles.

I deciphered the combination of a lock to which my son had forgotten the combination to. Pretty proud of myself figuring out that one. You know, you can find out how to do so many things on the internet. Such an amazing thing, the internet.

Then last night, I concocted a dinner to feed 3 hungry teen boys and myself out of the odds and ends of nearly empty shelves, and they LIKED it. I felt like the MacGyver of dinner. I was just missing the pen and a paperclip. You can't really eat that anyway.

Then last night, I did it once again, fixing a dinner to feed the masses and they went back for seconds! And to add to the mix, the tax refund came today.

I do believe I deserve not only a cape, but matching boots, and I think I deserve a crown. Definitely a crown.