Lavonna's Quilting Habit

Hello, my name is Lavonna... (you say, "Hi, Lavonna.")... and I am a fabriholic. I wrapped all the Christmas presents in fabric this year so I could have the boys and my husband give me their "wrappings" just so I then could have the joy of saying, "Oh look! Fabric for ME!"

Fabric donations graciously accepted (100% cotton fabrics for quilting purposes). Please understand that you would be feeding my addiction - would that be considered enabling? 
Is that necessarily a BAD thing?

This is the current UFO project I have just finished! A Log Cabin Broken Star pattern. I am not sure when I started it, or at least started the idea of it. perhaps it was around 2002 or so? I began working on it again around Thanksgiving for my husband encouraged me to finish my UFOs by saying he would pay me money once done. It measures 100" x 100" finished.

When these in process pictures were taken, I had 1 "section" left to finish for I am machine quilting it "as I go" so that I don't have to mess with the bulk of such a big quilt in my machine.

Quilting it in sections is easy, for the back of the quilt is just one giant log cabin.

To help me make sure that I follow my design and get the blocks placed properly, I draw out the pattern so I can follow it while piecing the blocks together.

I also drew in the design for the back of the quilt and shaded in the the dark pieces, numbering the sections in the order of construction so I can focus on one section at a time. I am finishing the quilting on section 17 right now and will soon join it to the quilt and then join together the batting and turn the backing by hand before taking it back to the machine to then quilt the join.

After I completed section 17, I decided to end it there. It is plenty big enough for my King Size bed, and was getting a bit too heavy for me to maneuver to finish the quilting. I have quilted it in a meandering red curly-q pattern all over.

Here, I have section 17 ready to quilt in the machime.

Time to join section 17 to the main body of the quilt.  

I make sure to pin the batting out of the way of the section ready to sew.

Seam is sewn. Now time to trim.

I then trim the batting and backing of the main quilt to 1/4".

I trim the other batting to butt up against the other seam.

 Hand sew the batting together.

The batting has been sewn.

I trim the fabric.

Pin the fabric to sew by hand.

Sew by hand.

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