Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jonas' Quilt

My latest quilt I just finished for my 16 year old son.

My husband has challenged me to complete all of my UFOs. This project is one I initially began in 2001 and then put the blocks in a ziplock for years. I finally completed them for my son as a Chiristmas gift, 2013. Ok, so it took me until July to get it done - took me a while due to my illness over the last 6 months, but hey, now it is done!

The pattern is my own along with the outside border design. The quilt was made using a lot of charm squares that I had traded in the late 90s. It uses a 4 patch center, dark and light fabrics along with teal squares.

There is a teal square throughout the design creating a chain and 9 patch effect. The border is a zigzag pattern of dark "flying geese" triangles that is found in the basic quilt square design. I chose to put it in the border to tie the entire quilt together. The teal 9 patch is also in the corners to complete the theme. I quilted it in a grey stipple design.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lavonna ZWB