Friday, February 15, 2013

Music Geek

So very busy, but not necessarily in the way that I wish I could be.

I would much prefer to play with my fabrics and create something yummy with them, but I will be attending a Music Conference for the next few days. That's ok, I kinda like that stuff too, I just LOVE to play/create with fabric more. I am presenting a Ukulele Class on Saturday. Kind of has potential to be a career altering moment. Gonna have to Knock it Out of da Park! (I think I can manage that). My Ukulele blog is HERE.

So for the next few days, I will be playing the part of the Music Geek. What exactly does that look like? No pocket protector, no taped up glasses, perhaps carrying around music and singing randomly as though I had my own orchestra that would play at my every whim? Ahhh, if life were only like a musical... then I wouldn't get those strange looks from people when I burst in to song for no apparent reason.

Happy day to you! Sing a song today... I bet it will make you smile!

Lavonna ZWB

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