Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get me my cape!

I believe I deserve a Superhero cape. The past few days I have managed to perform Mom miracles.

I deciphered the combination of a lock to which my son had forgotten the combination to. Pretty proud of myself figuring out that one. You know, you can find out how to do so many things on the internet. Such an amazing thing, the internet.

Then last night, I concocted a dinner to feed 3 hungry teen boys and myself out of the odds and ends of nearly empty shelves, and they LIKED it. I felt like the MacGyver of dinner. I was just missing the pen and a paperclip. You can't really eat that anyway.

Then last night, I did it once again, fixing a dinner to feed the masses and they went back for seconds! And to add to the mix, the tax refund came today.

I do believe I deserve not only a cape, but matching boots, and I think I deserve a crown. Definitely a crown.

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