Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quilt Day

What did I do today to celebrate International Quilt day?

I spent time piecing borders for the latest project I am working on. I am finishing up the last part of the next blog hop project for Stitch Me Up! I am still debating how much more embroidery I need to put on it before it is officially done. I will need to ponder that for a while longer.

In the mean time, I plan on finishing the piecing of the borders tomorrow so I can get the project finished and ready for my Posting on March 26th. I have 2 pieces yet to get put together (the top and the bottom border pieces), and then decisions to make. Embroider MORE or less? Quilt the borders by machine or not at all?That all depends on how much embroidery is done.

Ahh, decisions, decisions...

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