Friday, August 14, 2015

For the Monkey Boy

My latest finish is one that was supposed to be finished for Christmas 2013, but had to continually be delayed due to my condition. I am happy to say that as of today, "Monkey Wrench" is finally completed!

I made this for my 16 year-old step-son whom has been called "Monkey Boy" by his father ever since he was little. I make him flannel monkey pajama bottoms every Christmas since his father and I have been married.

The Monkey Wrench or Churn Dash pattern has been on my Quilt Pattern Bucket List for quite some time, so I simply had to make it for the Monkey Boy. It is made with scrap fabrics because that is who I am - a scrap quilter!

I quilted it with an outline (stitch in the ditch) and an additional echo quilting on the inside of the pattern and sashing. The background is simply a meandering stipple stitch.

The border is made up of 2" x 4" rectangles alternating with white squares. 

The corners have a small Monkey Wrench block.

I am happy to have this finished and now I can move on to the next project!

Happy Quilting!

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