Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quilting in The Modern World

I have stepped in to a world of quilting that I never have managed to step foot in before - the Modern Quilt.

I have always been a "traditional" quilter and lover of any quilt that is scrappy. Crazy Quilts have been my favorite for it seems like forever. I love being able to make something beautiful out of bits and pieces that have been "thrown away" sew to speak (pun intended) .

Since I recently finished the last of the quilts for my kids/step-kids, I have decided to branch out to making quilts for my nieces and nephews who have gotten married. I don't know if there is a limit on making wedding quilts and delivering them, It has been a little over 2 years since the first nephew was married. Instead of a wedding "gift", can I call it a "in celebration of your wedding" quilt?

I decided to challenge myself by branching out into the "Modern Quilt" design. Something that I have NEVER done before. I chose to make a quilt using my nephew's and his wife's favorite colors from their wedding - teal and kelly green. They chose to do such a beautiful thing as a part of their ceremony - they took colored sand and poured it into another container to represent their union. I was so touched by this beautiful display of their love for each other that I decided I needed to represent that in fabric.

Months ago, I began setting aside fabrics in the shade of green from turquoise to dark green and many colors in between. I made the decision to use 2 1/2" strips.

I looked at many modern quilt designs and decided that I needed to choose something "manly" as this was for my nephew and wife. I finalized on creating a mainly white quilt with 2 sections of color.

One section resembling a stack of coins and the other a strong pillar of color.

I chose to quilt it in a simple all-over meandering stitch.

I enjoyed creating this so much that I am contemplating creating another one just for me.

I look forward to hearing how the "not-so-newly-wed-anymore's" like it.

Now on to the NEXT "in celebration of your wedding" quilt that I need to get done...

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