Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Henry Glass & Company Desire to Inspire Challenge

Desire to Inspire Challenge

Back in early October, I was thrilled to receive an email from Henry Glass & Company informing me that I was selected to participate in the Desire to Inspire Challenge. In November, I received the most wonderful package filled with these beautiful fabrics:

These lovely fabrics are from:
Birds 'n Bees by Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs

I decided to take the main panel of collection and frame it with the other fabrics. (I purposely put the birdhouses upside-down on the left side just for fun)

As I was pinning layers together for quilting, my new 8 month old puppy George found my quilting very interesting and he had to come and check everything out.

Precious on the other hand didn't really care much about what I was working on. She has seen me work on many projects through the 11 years that we have had her as a part of our family.

George really was interested and had to smell everything.

I caught him nibbling on a safety pin trying to take it away with him. Too adorable for words.

I decided to try something I have never done before and take advantage of the cute panels and experiment with quilting by outlining and enhancing the pictures.

Here is the backside of a birdhouse panel.

And the front side.

Here is the completed quilt. Since I received 2 full panels, I selected each individual picture and placed them in the 10" border.

With the remaining fabric, I made these zippered bags.

Thank you, Henry Glass & Co, Inc., for allowing me the privilege of playing with your wonderful fabrics!

And thank you, George for leaving your chew toy on the floor. :)

Happy Creating, people!

Lavonna ZWB

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