Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Family Get-Togethers!

New week, new project completed. Just in time for the holiday.

We had the family over for the 4th of July. It gave me a great reason to create something new for the table.

I started with slightly elongated hexagons cut from 5" charm squares. I chose blue, red and combinations there of.

I put them together in a random pattern. I asked the advice from a sweet girl at church and she chose to mix up all the colors. I agreed that it would look good and pieced it together that way.

I lined the outside with neutrals and bound it with some flag fabric cut on the bias.

I quilted it with stars and a meandering stitch in red.

It was nice to have it on our table to add to the ambiance of the holiday. This was our first family get-together at our new home since moving in 6 weeks ago. I look forward to having many more.

I didn't get the opportunity to blog about the table runner I made for Thanksgiving.

I had a template for the apple core shape and I cut several from brown, green, red, orange, yellow, black and cream colored 5" charm squares. I pieced it by hand and quilted it with a simple meandering stitch. I bound it in several different colors cut on the bias.

Since I am attending a weekly Quilters and Crafters meeting every Wednesday during my Summer Break, I hope to have many more projects that I will be finishing up.

Happy Quilting, all!

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