Sunday, July 9, 2017

Teaching Kids to Sew - Project #1

Project #1 - Tissue Holder

I will begin teaching a couple of kids how to sew this week at my Quilters and Crafters meeting at the Church and I have decided to share the projects we will be working on here on my blog with complete instructions and photos for us to reference as I teach them. Feel free to sew along!

We are going to start with a simple Tissue Holder using the tissues you can find at the dollar store (8 for $1). I am sewing in orange thread to help for you to see the sewing examples. I have green thread in the bobbin for the same reason.

Begin with 2 pieces of fabric measuring 6" x 7"

Place the right sides together - pin together to keep them from slipping

Mark with a pencil a 2" opening along the middle of one side

Beginning at the bottom marking, sew around all sides with a 1/4" seam leaving the 2" open on the side to turn

Trim the corners

Turn right side out and iron - don't forget to fold in the opening 1/4" and iron

Topstitch, zigzag, or use a decorative stitch across both the top and bottom edges

Mark the center of the sides with a pin

Fold the top and bottom, right sides together to the center and pin or clip in place

Sew 1/4" seam along both sides 

After sewing one seam, turn the project over and zigzag the edge of the seam for extra stability

Turn right side out

Fill with Tissues

I will post pictures as we begin working on our sewing projects. Hope you find these ideas helpful and fun!

Lavonna ZWB

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