Monday, January 21, 2013

May I introduce...

Had a very "heavy" day today. My longest friend (meaning we have been friends the longest in our lives - since we were 4),  her father passed away last week and his memorial service was today. Her family asked that I sing Ave Maria at the service. He was buried with military honors this afternoon. What a moving ceremony to witness. It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. I felt very honored to be able to be a part of that tribute.

So, I felt I needed some shopping therapy today. I purchased the following for a project that I will be working on, the It's All About Me Blog Hop (see the button to the right).

We are to create the image you see to your right, but in our own way, making it about Us. I have chosen to make my project about a character that I portray.

May I introduce, Mama Z:

She always says, "Excuse me, but I'm not feeling very well." She carries her "pill bottle" with her so she has her "medication" close at hand to help her feel better (which is usually very large Smarties, chocolate or candy of some kind).

Stay tuned to see how my tribute to Mama Z will come to fruition...

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