Monday, August 12, 2013

The making of a Quilt for Quiltmaker... blog #4

I am happy to say that I have finished the quilt! 

I am not able to show the entire thing, but I can give you "hints" as I have done before. Here is the label on the back of the quilt. Once again, I have used left-over triangles that were cut away and "discarded" from the design.

I was one of the quilters to use the "recommended" quilting design using my home machine. It is simple and easy to do, making it look done, but in my imperfect quilting ability, it is not without flaws.

I certainly prefer to quilt with a "meandering" stitch, because you can't really make mistakes that way. Everything is on purpose! This method, I felt as though my lack of ability showed more.

I certainly have learned from this project. I know that I piece together pretty good. My top looks very good in my opinion. My machine quilting needs more work. I will continue to practice that part. :)

More to come...

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