Saturday, August 24, 2013

The making of a Quilt for Quiltmaker... blog #7

And NOW, the continuing saga of a Quilt made for Quiltmaker magazine....

As the days of Summer begin to come to a close, I am happy to report that I will actually have a job to go to next week! (I am a Public School Music Teacher by trade and was laid off by my District in June - 2nd time since 2009). It will be nice to actually be going "Back to School". Yea. Now enough of that.

Speaking of going Back to School, let's tune in to our next installment of What does the front of this Quilt made for Quiltmaker's Back to School Party actually LOOK like? 

In a previous installment, I have stated  that there are "12 colors" that were used in my version of the quilt. Well, in that block, they are surrounded by that lovely chocolate brown. This is where the "throw-away triangles" came in. You know, the ones that a Scrap Quilter like me can't stand to "throw away!" That is why I HAD to use them and incorporate them into the back of my quilt or I would go crazy. Can't have waste!

You see, these Stars have absolutely NOTHIN' to do with the pattern on the front of the Quilt 

I am so cruel.

Another thing that was completely different about this quilt that I have never encountered before was the outside edge of the quilt before the border. See how the border is right up there against the corners of the 2 squares? Let me tell you this: you cut absolutely NO triangles to be a part of this quilt. Hmmmm... interesting, and yet you SEE triangles there, don't you? (by the way, I included this close up picture showing the "not so precise matching up of my squares" just to make you feel better). Yup. Its true. I am not perfect. There. 
It is out in the open for all to see. {GASP!}

There you go. Today's installment.

Stay tuned... will our Quilter use a needle and thread to save the world? 

Hey, it can happen.


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