Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The making of a Quilt for Quiltmaker... blog #6

All of the other ladies that are a part of the Quiltmaker Back to School Party are now finishing up their quilts and are sending them off to Colorado to be photographed. It is getting pretty exciting to see all of this come together. Everyone's quilt is so different due to the choice of fabrics and quilting design, but the basic pattern is exactly the same. Each one is beautiful to behold. 

Once again, I am somewhat blown away about being able to be a part of the entire project. I feel so honored to be chosen to partake in such an event.

And now for today's installment of "hints as to what the front of this quilt could actually LOOK like!"... The main fabrics that are used in the making of  my version of this quilt consist of a beautiful chocolate brown (have I mentioned before that I am fond of chocolate?), a very bold grey floral, and a blue-grey subtle stripe.

The "pattern" part of the quilt consists of 12 different fabrics used to create the design. I was given a lovely array of colors of the rainbow of Robert Kaufman fabrics to use in my quilt.

So that is today's hint. There are 3 "base" fabrics and 12 "pattern" fabrics used in this quilt. 

Ta Da!...

I know. You want more. Then stay tuned! 

Quiltmaker's Back to School Party is September 16th - 20th!

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